Monday, 26 October 2009

the power of sixty-three, so tell me..

My niece has the worst attention span, I told her 'my favourite number is 63' to which she responded 'yes'....'rosie my love, what is my favourite number?'.... a silence, a look of extreme and deep thought... a shrug and the muttered questioning word 'nine?'... is she actually really clever and added them together??

sixty-three is a number i plucked out of nowhere, though i wrote down some numbers and accidently stopped on sixty-three the other day. i think in reality i don't know my favourite number.

'my point of entry, is the same way i leave'. f.r

My favourite overheard thing from the past couple of days is.... 'oh this would look really nice on, with just a g-string'..... SEXY RIGHT?


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