Monday, 31 August 2009

bank holiday

body, mind and heart combine. passing words like dances through hallways and down stairs and in time with the aftermath of what i think i should call perfection. she is the epitome of what i feel for the world, the world is to small to justify this, the world is empty compared and the dancers in hallways down stairs are still. the dancers in hallways move when she moves, they make patterns on the floor in the shape of her fingerprints. they bow down to her, they encourage her, they are the angels on her shoulder.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

he has simply one rule

I have simply one rule , care less for the detail and more for the context, meaning is framed by events and intentions, it is rarely in the minute as is it is often believed.

anon 25/08/09

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

deciding what to have for lunch..

is possibly the most hard thing i have ever had to do, there is generally the choice of bread, and assorted things to go in or on bread. and i always end up having the same sandwich. for that reason, i shant eat, if i eat, i'm submitting to how mundane my eating habits are and have become. so i shall wait until something interesting floats by and snatch it out of the air like a big bird catching a little bird for tea.

but, i'm still hungry so this possibly won't work. so, feta cheese, well that is different, can i have that in a sandwich? well. do i have to have a sandwich? i like bread, why am i so reluctant to have a sandwich? it's probably because i eat far to much bread as it is, tooo much. i could have feta cheese with whatever else there is, ketchup? and cheddar cheese. this is hardly a culinary delight. i could top it off with some out of date yoghurt, well, thats basicaly cheese right? not quite a cheese salad. thats a point, there might be some salad, oh no, tomato and cucumber, how very thrilling. looks like i'm having a feta, ketchup, cheddar, tomato and cucumber sandwich.


this is me and rosie niece, having lunch.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

pig flu...

plenty of sleep,
effervescent recovery!