Tuesday, 11 August 2009

deciding what to have for lunch..

is possibly the most hard thing i have ever had to do, there is generally the choice of bread, and assorted things to go in or on bread. and i always end up having the same sandwich. for that reason, i shant eat, if i eat, i'm submitting to how mundane my eating habits are and have become. so i shall wait until something interesting floats by and snatch it out of the air like a big bird catching a little bird for tea.

but, i'm still hungry so this possibly won't work. so, feta cheese, well that is different, can i have that in a sandwich? well. do i have to have a sandwich? i like bread, why am i so reluctant to have a sandwich? it's probably because i eat far to much bread as it is, tooo much. i could have feta cheese with whatever else there is, ketchup? and cheddar cheese. this is hardly a culinary delight. i could top it off with some out of date yoghurt, well, thats basicaly cheese right? not quite a cheese salad. thats a point, there might be some salad, oh no, tomato and cucumber, how very thrilling. looks like i'm having a feta, ketchup, cheddar, tomato and cucumber sandwich.


this is me and rosie niece, having lunch.


  1. i don't like feta.
    i tried it FOR THE FIRST TIME EVERR,
    at megzz house on sunday.
    instead i had FROZEN (her mom puts grated cheese in the freezer.. yknow.. i guess it's easier, and you always know you have some somewhere) cheese -mature cheddar of course- on my jacket potatoes - yes i am i pig and had TWO - as well as its friends baked beans and butter.
    it was very nice indeed.

    i also had oatey milk in my cup of tea, as they did not have any normal milk.

  2. this sounds simply delish.