Saturday, 31 October 2009

the power of 63, part two. (that is 2/ II)

I am taking a picture of lots of numbers, to try and reach sixtyfree, i like taking pictures, it's a bit expensive. i've got 42 i found that on a railway sleeper at eccles road train station. i found a really good 6, and a good 12, but i didn't have any film on me. what use is a camera with no film.

jacques henri-lartigue/bill eggleston are my photographic heros (they are the only two i've really heard of) but they are pretty darn awesome.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six, thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine, fourty, fourty-one, fourty-two, fourty-three, fourty-four, fourty-five, fourty-six, fourty-seven, fourty-eight, fourty-nine, fifty, fifty-one, fifty-two, fifty-three, fifty-four, fifty-five, fifty-six, fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fifty-nine, sixty, sixty-one, sixty-two, SIXTY-THREE!

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