Thursday, 14 January 2010

day time

A particularly foul stench raced through his nostrils as he inhaled the air around him, the mixture of tobacco smoke and the dreary dull perfume of dust. Intoxicating. Depressing, as his fingers plunged ever more into the packet for the finest of crumbs, searching for what is left to consume. The remnants still cowering in the darkest corners of his mouth, he searched for them and cleaned them away. The aching pains in his body were nothing. A box threw light from the other side of the room, bouncing off every surface but never arriving in his eyes; closed to the moving pictures and the sounds escaping into the atmosphere without ever being heard. The solace of warm coffee, warming his hands and warming his mouth and the steam warming his nostrils as the vapor danced around wiping away the sad odors.

He picked the sleep from his eyes and moved the hair from his eyes, he blinked his eyes and opened his eyes as wide as they would go. He couldn’t see anything he wanted to look at again.

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